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Minneapolis Monday - Uptown Girl

2007-08-27 - 8:51 p.m.

There is something very strange about Minneapolis. Its "downtown" area is north of the "uptown" district. Once you accept this very strange fact, it's a fun area to visit. There are lots of stores and restaurants, and a lot of young people. This week wasn't my first visit to Uptown, but I got to go down to Uptown (see, it's just silly!) quite a bit.

One of the reasons for the multiple visits was because my parents were in town. My mother had to go to a conference, and my dad tagged along for the extended stay so they could meet our kittens, see our digs, and generally visit a city they've never visited.

The one thing my parents love are restaurants. To fill the time for them, we take them out to eat. However, there are several rules surrounding restaurants:

1) My mother will not go to a chain restaurant
2) My parents refuse to go to a place with the same sort of food as another restaurant that week
3) If they have been to the restaurant in the last three visits, they will not go back to it (not applicable this time, but dangerous in Pittsburgh)
4) My dad wants to go to Italian restaurants. But my mom is sick of italian restaurants. So we have to come up with a good twist.
5) The restaurant must serve alcohol. That alcohol must include wine.

There are more rules, but I will simply let you think of the planning involved in one of their visits.

Anyway. We went to three different places in Uptown, and we didn't even dent the pool of restaurants there. Which is pretty freaking awesome.

Uptown? Thank you. You will never know how much heartache you save me.


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